Annie Sloan - Painters in Residence: Colour-Washed Platters...

Our latest Painters in Residence project for Annie Sloan is now live, and up on her blog...

We really enjoyed this one - especially the styling and photographing stage of the project - and we loved coming up with an unusual and inventive take on how to use Annie's famous Chalk Paint. As Annie's Painters in Residence, we were tasked with doing something interesting and new with the paint, and we thought creating a transparent glaze of colour, that you could apply to ceramics, was certainly a new spin!

We created these lovely platters with air-drying Das clay, and rolled some of our Irish linen fabric in to them, while wet, to imprint them with texture. This gave us lovely texture to rub the wax glazes into, and I love how painterly and soft the colour washes came out... it was exactly as I had envisioned. 

The How-To for this project is actually in this month's Reloved Magazine, as well as up on Annie's blog - which you can read, here...


Annie Sloan - Painters in Residence: Floral Coral...

For our second project as Painters in Residence for Annie Sloan, we knew we wanted to have a go using her famous Chalk Paint®, mixed, to create our own custom colours. Inspired by many of Annie's books where she sings the praises of the paints unique ability to mix well together (due, in no small part to the mainly pure colour pigments, and very little black used in her mixes) and keep their vibrancy and punch...

We knew we wanted Pink... we're always pleased if we achieve neon... and we wanted something unabashedly SPRINGTIME!

SO- we took this little Victorian chest of drawers that I've had for years - it's quite petite, but has lovely clean lines that we felt could take the bold colour we were striving for - and we started mixing. Starting with a base of Pure White, we added Scandinavian Pink, Emperor's Silk, Barcelona Orange, and a touch of English Yellow, we mixed until we felt we had achieved a really great neon coral colour... and something quite different to anything already in the Chalk Paint® pallette. We also wanted a really flat smooth finish with this one, as that's our personal taste for paint finishes (and because this will probably end up back in our house) so we used Annie's new Flat Finish brush, which is really great and certainly delivers a smoother finish than the original brushes...

I then wanted to create a really exuberant Spring display with flowers so I styled it with gorgeous potted Spring Hyacinths, Primula, Narcissus and also added my favourite cut early spring flower, Hellbore, some eucalyptus and finally, straw for a little rustic edge (my chickens lost some bedding that week!). This was a really fun one to style, and I'm always in my element when tinkering with plants and flowers!

The fruit basket is a beautiful new season piece from Marks & Spencer, and I just love it. They're nailing their home range right now! The big bowl I have seems to be sold out online, but it's still in some stores... here is the range it's from. SO GOOD.

As always, check out Annie's blog to keep on top of new Painters in Residence releases. Can't wait to share the next project with you.

Let us know what you think, and if you have any questions about this project feel free to ask them below...




abigail*ryan Concession Shop at Atelier-Design - Belfast City Centre...

Just a stones throw from the iconic City Hall, Atelier-Design opened it's (newly revamped!) doors on the 6th of November and unveiled a unique vision for a new brand of destination shopping in Belfast city centre, one which we at abigail*ryan, are very excited to be a part of! 

No. 7 Wellington Place is a stunning three story Georgian town-house, which has housed the second-floor Interiors showroom of the lovely James Fairley and Victor Branco's Architecture and Interior Design practice for the last two years. You might remember our lovely exhibition here, back in April?

When the opportunity arose to take over the entire majestic building, the creative duo jumped at the chance, and have spent the last few months designing and working towards an incredible curation of high end Furniture and Design brands, many of which are not available anywhere else in Ireland. 

They began their sourcing in Portugal,Victor's home country, and are bringing over a sumptuous and inspiring collection of hand made furniture and lighting.

Speaking about this exciting undertaking Victor had this to say...

" We were inspired by some of our favourite destination shopping environments around the world such as Liberty of London and Merci in Paris! We felt passionately that we could create a small piece of magic for Belfast shoppers to revel in, right in the heart of the city. We are so proud of the luxurious and inviting space we have created here."

In addition to our full abigail*ryan range, Atelier-Design are also stocking exciting brands such as MUNNA and DELIGHTFUL. The store will also be the first stockist in Ireland for DESIGNERS GUILD FURNITURE and Atelier-Design have been appointed brand ambassadors for CHRISTIAN LACROIX. They continue to be the premium stockist for high-end mid-century furniture pieces in the city, and have a wonderful sourcing service if you are looking for something in particular.

Atelier-Design are well renowned for their UrbanLUXE signature style. Expect deep, opulent colours, vibrant and luxurious fabrics and finishes, layered with unique patterns and prints alongside pops of uncommon colour and high end materials such as hand spun brass, marble, velvet and smoked glass. It's a unique look, that is at once contemporary and edgy, welcoming and nostalgic. Always, exciting and engaging.

We are delighted to have such a vibrant, and luxurious backdrop for our first concession store. You will, for the first time, be able to browse and shop our full range in person, including blankets, cushions, fabric & wallpaper, napkins, tea-towels and gift sets. 

We will be shortly be launching our first line of scented candles (we're EXCITED!), and will be having a Christmas shopping evening to show them off, so if you would like to receive an invite (mince pies and mulled wine!) then do sign up to our Mailing List… we have several in-store exclusives already, and will always be adding to the range. 

Make sure to pop in to the shop and showroom and get a jump-start on your Christmas shopping! 

Atelier-Design / abigail*ryan

No. 7 Wellington Place (just along from City Hall)

Belfast, BT1 6GB

Opening Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 10.30am-5.30pm (7pm on Thursday)

French Vintage Vie is also housed inside No.7, so make sure to stop off here for all your authentic French-sourced goodies!

'Natural' colour...

source unknown (please let me know if you know who this lovely image belongs to)

original source unknown (let me know if you know who this belongs to!)

It's so fascinating when people say they like 'natural' colours, and identify colours like

"grey, beige, taupe, stone, cream, white"


Have you ever seen anything so


as the COLOUR actually found in nature?

Where do you think 'colours' come from? I guess most people think that someone in a paint manufacturer years and years ago, or someone at pantone 'invented' them somehow. Right?

It's easy to see from these few images that there are no new colours under the sun... they are all pre-existing, for us to draw from, and be inspired by.

I absolutely adore looking at photographs of nature, with these extreme, amazing, fresh, vibrant, bold and unique colours, and combinations. They have nothing (and everything) to do with us, but I am so excited to draw from them when we design.

Here are five images I recently pinned to our

'Palette' board on Pinterest

... it's hard to imagine they're real and 'natural', isn't it? Maybe we need to re-evaluate our thoughts on what 'natural' colour means.

How amazing to live in a world with colour like this?! And how amazing we get to bring this colour in to homes for a living.

Abigail x