Inside the studio - Jess from Birds & Words at Seacourt Print Workshop...

There's something really fascinating about watching a maker at work, and our shoot with Jess of Birds & Words at Seacourt Print Workshop in Bangor was no exception.

We loved getting an insight in to the intricate, dark and inky world of letter-press printing. From the antique cast iron press Jess prints with, to the drawers and drawers of heavenly wooden type sets she constructs her beautiful prints with - it was a real pleasure to shoot, glimpse and capture. 

As makers ourselves, I am instinctively drawn to capturing other makers hands... how they do what they do. Those familiar rhythms and routines they practise day in and day out, seamlessly, as if it's just second nature to them. Because it is.

This was our first trip to Seacourt Print Workshop - a wonderful resource for artists in Co. Down - and we loved getting a peek in to the working artists there. It was such a pleasure watching Jess set up her printing blocks, ink up her compositions with her beautiful vintage roller, hand pull inked prints (including a gorgeous A&R for us!) and then create secondary embossed blank impressions, which were so, so special, too.

It was an absolute dream to create these images of Jess working, which are going to be on her new website soon... and I loved how much of a contrast they were to the shots we took in her Project24 studio pod at Bangor Harbour the week or so before! Her designs themselves are so bright, crisp and colourful, and her light and bright studio/shop space has the same look and feel as her work! White crisp walls, and punchy pops of candy-hues. I love that this shoot felt so different, and captured the actual hands on, almost messier side of the business... the nitty gritty, the test prints, the inky hands, the cleaning up and cranking through, the dark corners and strip lighting of working studio spaces... 

Make sure to visit Jess's website, Birds & Words, where she sells her beautiful letter-press prints. We are going to be shooting some of her gorgeous custom Wedding Stationery very soon, and if you're getting married and want something a little different, I would recommend reaching out to Jess for a consultation! Oh-so-dreamy stuff..!

We hope you like these shots as much as we all do. Oh, and doesn't Jess have THE BEST hair. Like, ever? ;)