NEW YORK - Skinny Skinny Urban Garden...

We stumbled across the delightful flagship store of all-natural Organic Skin and Body Care brand, Skinny Skinny, after busing it to Williamsburg for the artists & fleas market... we were walking around and enjoying all the gorgeous stores and galleries, and wandered in to this beautiful space which is part plant & urban garden store, and part apothecary, stocked with the Skinny Skinny own-brand line of gorgeous skin care products. 

I was missing our two pooches terribly (and was accosting dogs all over Brooklyn to ease my withdrawals), so was incredibly excited to see a beautiful resident pup, who belongs to the owner and Skinny Skinny founder, Clara! 

In addition to shooting the gorgeous store, I got my snuggle fix with Clara's beautiful dog, Haley, so I was one happy lady. I absolutely loved the mix of plants, planters, interesting ceramics, gorgeous terrariums and skin care goods at the Urban Garden store, and it really lived up to the tag-line "where art and nature blend seamlessly".

As a little bit of background about Clara, and her Skinny Skinny brand, which was founded over a decade ago:

"With a strong artistic and academic background, Clara immediately took to the craft of blending chemistry with nature. She combined Ayurvedic practices with her training as an esthetician, and and her experience as an aromatherapist ensured a high standard for complex scent blends. Initially fuelled by a serious lack of truly effective skincare products, Clara experimented with a variety of ingredients, perfecting her recipes over time."

Clara has an incredibly impressive stockist list, so make sure to check if there's a store near you that carries her gorgeous line. 

One of the things we loved most about Brooklyn was stumbling across all these independent, unique, and niche stores that were really thriving and totally nailing it on all levels! It was an exciting and invigorating experience, and one that made us feel truly motivated about returning home to Northern Ireland and connecting even more with other small businesses and brands, and by helping them along with our styling and photography services, hopefully capture some of that buzz, success and excitement that we felt in New York and Brooklyn and bring some of it to our home shores.

Make sure to stop by Skinny Skinny Urban Garden store if you're lucky enough to find yourself wandering down Grand Street in Williamsburg! Let me know, so we can come too, okay? ;)