NEW YORK - Mile End...

We tried quite hard to keep off the traditional tourist track while in New York and Brooklyn, and really wanted to get at the heart of what it was like to live in the city (why not try it on for size, right?)... so we did a lot of online research and spoke to locals on our meanderings and researched tips from bonafide New Yorkers before heading off in search of things...

Must Eats: While in New York, you have to get a hot meat sandwich, right?

Well, the obvious choice is going to Kat'z Deli - the crowded tourist trap of 'Where Harry Met Sally' fame - but the more we dug around and read through reviews, the more we felt it wasn't perhaps the BEST that New York had to offer. SO, after reading about it in a few places, and in the NY Times, we set off in pursuit of Mile End Deli, situated in Boerum Hill (which was such a lucky pick, as this turned out to be our favourite area, and one which we spent a few days exploring!)...and not too far from our apartment by bus.

Their story is thus: "Mile End is a Jewish delicatessen in New York City committed to breathing new life in to old-world traditions." 

I don't know about you, but we thought that sounded fairly delicious! ;)

We ate at Mile End twice, and frankly, it was worth it just for the pickles alone... which are, my God, to die for. The first visit, we had the smoked meat sandwich, and it was very yummy - delicious tender meat, great mustard and fresh bread. And then, after having a lovely lunch with Paul Lowe from Sweet Paul, he said we just had to go back for the Poutine (the founder of Mile End is Canadian, hence the new spin on this classic French-Canadian dish) and who are we to argue with the King of the NY food scene?! 

The Poutine was pretty dreamy... incredible skin-on fries, cheese curds, roasted chicken gravy and chunks of delicious smoked meat. It was worth every calorie. We also ordered pickles on the side, which are just divine, I could eat them all day long.

We would love to have had room for the Mazzo Ball Soup, which looked delicious, too. A good reason to go back, for sure.

Couldn't recommend this lovely little spot highly enough, and the wait staff were absolutely charming.

There are two locations for Mile End: 97a Hoyt Street, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn & 53 Bond Street, Noho, Manhattan.