NEW YORK - Chelsea Market...

We arrived in to Brooklyn on the afternoon of the 3rd of March - during the craziest winter weather NYC had experienced since the 1920's. We had never seen so much snow... perfect, laying, drifting snow... to say we were really glad to have brought those snow boots and puffa jackets, is a serious understatement. The locals weren't exaggerating - I'd seen exhausted New Yorkers bemoaning the weather on social media since early February - and it really was the kind of weather that cramps your style, gung-ho attitude or not!

I got pretty sick upon arrival, and spent the best part of a day and a half feeling appalling, so we didn't venture to Manhattan until the Thursday (this was okay, though, as we had a gorgeous airbnb apartment in Brooklyn, so we felt right at home)...

Chelsea Market, and the High-Line were high on our itinerary, so we thought something indoors was a good idea... and it was a good bet. We exited the subway in a total whiteout blizzard and could barely see our hand in front of our faces, but we managed to follow our noses to Chelsea Market - where I had read (via Love Taza) that the Lobster Rolls were a must-eat, and the shops a good way to while away some hours...

The fish counter at The Lobster Place and C&P was pretty incredible, and I loved watching all the skilled fish-mongers at their craft. We ordered a Lobster Roll and a Crab Sandwich, which were honestly just okay, not mind-blowing... maybe we had expected too much after reading rave reviews? Maybe I just really wanted sushi and sashimi instead (like every other meal-time opportunity when I'm faced with it's gorgeousness - it's my favourite food in the whole world)? Ha!

There's also a lovely wee anthropologie in Chelsea Market, which was great to poke around, and we enjoyed wandering around all the other food shops and markets, and the Brooklyn artists & flea area, too. I think we perhaps peaked too soon, hitting up the Lobster Place immediately, having arrived starving, as it would be an awesome place to just 'graze' and try a little of everything between two of you - that would be my tip for anyone visiting, anyway.

We never did make it to the High-Line, because of the weather, so that's at least one good reason to go back (not that I'm lacking any)!

Apologies for my exhausted looking face - in the context of a very long haul flight and then 24 hours being sick, I'm rather pleased I didn't look worse! ;)

More from our NY adventures soon.

Abigail x